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About Workplace Training

Supporting better mental health in your workplace.

About our Workplace Training

Right now 1 in 6 workers are dealing with a mental health problem such as anxiety, depression or stress – this can stop people performing at their best.

Packed full of important facts, discussion time, personal testimonies and practical exercises, our range of mental health courses really help employees understand how to look after themselves and their colleagues’ mental health, and to work more confidently with customers or clients.

Courses available

Other courses are available please enquire for further information.

View our course outlines.

And now including our Online Training offer:

Using Zoom, we have adapted and developed a number of our courses to be delivered remotely in response to COVID-19:

Further training is available to be delivered remotely or can be adapted – please enquire for more details.

Why train with Manchester Mind?

  • Value for money: courses at a fixed price, not an individual rate.
  • Choose from our package of existing training, or we can work with you to tailor a course to your needs.
  • You choose the date, duration and location, we come to you and provide an experienced trainer and all materials.
  • Group size of up to 16 learners means people feel supported and able to share sensitive information.

Access our training in one of three ways:

Our trainers come to your workplace –

Courses as detailed above or bespoke to meet your needs.

You come to us –

Our open-access training is designed to be accessible for small to medium employers who may not otherwise have the budget to have our training delivered in-house. Please see training calendar here.

And now remotely –

Book online training dedicated to your workplace, or attend one of our open access sessions. Interactive courses with a classroom feel from the comfort of your own home.


How are you? No really, how are you?

Visit our online hub to access our self-care checklist, alongside lots of tips and resources to support your own wellbeing.

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