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Bitesize Session – Introduction to Mindfulness


Mindfulness Workshops for your Organisation

This course is now available online using Zoom and can be booked on a date and time to suit your organisation.

Length :    90mins
Number of Learners :    Max 20
Price:    £285 + VAT for up to 20 participants

60 Minute – 2 hour session also available, along with 8 week Mindfulness course (2 hour per week). We can also facilitate regular sessions.

We can offer regular 45-60 minute ‘drop-in’ sessions for your organisation, for participants who want a space to practice Mindfulness and who have experienced it before. If block booking 6 sessions, we can offer a 10% discount, or a 15% discount for block bookings of 12 or more.

Profit that we make from training is invested back into our charity to enable us to continue to provide and develop services for young people and adults at a time when these services are never more needed.


Mindfulness is being used to help with everything from depression and anxiety, to stress and pain management. In this 1 hour session you’ll get a better understanding of what mindfulness is, how it can help with change and stress, and experience mindfulness for yourself through mindful meditations. No prior experience is required.

The session is supported by a handout which includes practical examples of relaxation and meditation exercises for use at work and home.

Who is it for

All employees and volunteers. You do not need any previous experience of meditation, or training in mental health or wellbeing to attend. However, mindfulness is not suitable for everybody at all times. For example, research has shown that mindfulness for depression is best learnt when mental health is reasonably good. We suggest that if your mental health is currently very poor, it may not be the right time to start learning mindfulness, and instead waiting until you are feeling better before starting new practices.

Learning Aims

  • To gain an understanding of what mindfulness is and how it can help counteract stress and anxiety
  • To learn about and experience first-hand mindful meditation techniques, which can be used to improve wellbeing and mental health.
  • To understand the difference between primary and secondary stress, and get an understanding of how this concept can help you with future stress or challenges.

Course Content

  • Learn some of the key concepts behind mindfulness and understand how it can help people cope with stress, difficulties and change
  • Experience different mindful activities, including mindful meditations
  • Make plans to incorporate mindfulness techniques into daily life

Learning Outcome

You will leave with an understanding of what mindfulness is and how you can practice the mindfulness activities you have experienced in the session to reduce stress and anxiety and increase wellbeing and resilience on a day to day basis.


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