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Managing Mental Health in the Workplace Training

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Open Access Dates

Length :  1 Day

Number of Learners :  Max 16

Cost :  £125 + Vat per person

About :

This one day course will increase understanding, confidence and practical skills enabling managers to better support and manage the mental wellbeing of their team.

Who is it for :

Line managers, HR, Occupational Health staff, trade union reps.

Learners must first undertake Mental Health Awareness training which forms the first half of this course.

Learning aims :

  • Understand mental wellbeing in a work context
  • Gain knowledge and confidence to talk to your team about mental health and know how to help an employee who is experiencing mental distress
  • Understand the impact of ‘presenteeism’ and how to address it
  • Understand how to support staff whilst off work and returning and how you can support employees’ mental health needs
  • Reflect on your organisation’s current practice

Course content :

  • Impact of poor mental health on the organisation and key areas of mental wellbeing at work
  • The employer ‘duty of care’
  • How to spot signs of mental illness
  • Understanding feelings of shame/stigma
  • Practical tips on how to talk to team members
  • Impact of Presenteeism and how to deal with it
  • Practical steps to take when someone is off work and helping to prepare for their return
  • Reasonable adjustments and suggested tips

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