Mindful March – FREE 31 day challenge throughout March

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Come and join Manchester Mind for our Mindful March challenge…

With so many people struggling at the current time due to social distancing and isolation perhaps mindfulness could help you?

Mindfulness meditation has been shown in many studies to be useful for helping people manage stress, anxiety, depression, and enhance their wellbeing. Manchester Mind runs a few different mindfulness courses, which we have had great feedback from.

“mindfulness is a skill that has made such a huge difference in both my emotions and perspectives”

Not sure if you think mindfulness is for you? We thought we would offer a FREE 31-day challenge, which aims to encourage people to start small, incorporating simple mindful activities into their daily life. There will be 30 different suggestions over the month, to help teach you to be more present, which we hope will have a knock-on effect on your mind, and maybe your body too.

There will not be anything too complicated – nearly everything will be bite-sized – and any longer activities (twenty minutes maximum) will be reserved for the weekend. If you are curious about mindfulness, then we hope this will be an easy-to-access introduction. We will be supporting you with clear and simple instructions.

We will be sharing all the details on our social media channels from Monday 1 March so please check out our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

Our next Mindfulness 8 Week course will start on Tuesday 4 May 6.30-8.30pm via Zoom. Find out more here

Download all the exercises from Mindful March here


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