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Mindful March

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Intrigued to know more about Mindfulness? Or wanting to practise Mindfulness but find it hard to fit it into your hectic schedule?

Welcome to a month of Mindfulness… 31 days of mindful activities to help bring awareness and calm to your daily life

For each day throughout March we’ll be suggesting a simple mindful action that you can take. Most of these won’t take much additional time – as many will be inviting you to experiment with being mindful in an activity you’re likely to be doing anyway. Most days, we’ll also pose a few questions to help you reflect afterwards on what you learned or noticed.

“mindfulness is a skill that has made such a huge difference in both my emotions and perspectives”

We hope that by slowing down and tuning IN to what’s going on around you, you might find a greater sense of calm, and maybe even find a greater sense of wonder and joy in the every day.

We’d love it if you could share how you found the exercises – either on social media or with us at Manchester Mind. Let us know what the impact was, whether it was easy or hard, and what you might have noticed or learned from trying the mindful activity. There will be some seated or moving meditations in the mix and some which ask for slightly more of your time. You might like to move those to the weekend if that works better for you. If any of the suggestions don’t feel right for you at this time, then feel free to skip them. We’d like you to make the challenge work for you, doing as many or as few as is right for your life at the moment.

At the end of the challenge, you might find you’d like to continue incorporating some mindful moments into your life, or even join a mindfulness course to deepen your knowledge and practice of mindful meditation. Overall, we hope the challenge will show you how mindfulness might be something that could enhance your life. There will be lots of different suggestions over the month; some of which may feel easier than others. Don’t worry if you don’t manage to do every single one. We know that people’s lives are busy, but hopefully most of these suggestions will be simple and straightforward to try out. Hopefully, they’ll be enjoyable as well. Ideally, we hope that over the month, you’ll get an idea of how mindfulness can bring in a calm awareness and help increase your sense of wellbeing.

Some of the activities will have a guided audio if you would prefer a voice to talk you through.

We will be sharing all the details on our social media channels throughout March so please check out our Facebook, Instagram and X pages.

We will also be adding content regularly throughout the month to our Mindful March online hub.

Find out more about what is mindfulness is and our Mindfulness courses.


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