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What is Mindfulness? Further information for Mindful March

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In this context, mindfulness is simply about paying attention – on purpose – to the present moment, with kindness and, as much as possible, without judgement.

Mindfulness does not mean you have to have a blank or completely empty mind. It’s more about becoming aware of the thoughts that may be present but not getting carried away with them. Ideally, you want to notice when you have drifted off, and are no longer aware of what you’re doing. However, even with the intention to stay present, that may still happen from time to time. Minds like to think. Sometimes a lot! So don’t worry if you find that happens to you several times during the exercises.

Of course, you are probably already present in many different ways throughout your day, but the sort of awareness we are cultivating during mindfulness is a very deliberate and a kind awareness. So, as best you can, we suggest you approach all the exercises with an open mind, and sense of curiosity, as well as kindness towards yourself and your experience. If you find it hard to stay focused or present, know that you probably won’t be the only one. By bringing your focus back to the activity again and again, you’ll be training your mind in mindful awareness.

You don’t have to meditate to be mindfully aware, but meditation is a very important aspect of mindfulness because generally, minds aren’t very good at being present or aware, particularly for long periods of time. For this reason, we have included a few simple meditations over the month. These will be guided with an audio (or video). If it’s not right for you to try meditating at this time, then feel free to skip them. We’d like you to make the challenge work for you, doing as many or as few as is right for your life at the moment.

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