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Action Changes Things: Stress Awareness Month

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Action Changes Things!

This is this year’s Stress Awareness Month theme and we want to use this as our rallying cry to everyone to take the time to focus on your own mental health and to empower you to have conversations about stress and wellbeing with your friends, family, and in particular, within your workplace.

We all know what it is like to feel stressed – being under pressure is usually a normal part of life. But after the challenges of the last few years and ongoing uncertainty, some of us are finding ourselves overwhelmed by stress. This can lead to mental health problems or exacerbate existing problems, cause exhaustion, physical illness and impact on every aspect of your life.

April is Stress Awareness Month and we have gathered together important information on our self-care hub about stress, burnout, how to better manage your stress levels and build resilience. We will also be sharing information across our social media channels throughout the month.

Stress Awareness Month has been held every April since 1992 to raise awareness of the causes and cures for our modern stress epidemic. This year The Stress Management Society have chosen the theme of Action Changes Things (ACT) #actnow

The month is “an invitation to go beyond talk and campaign for taking action and personal responsibility in creating a positive change. We aim to create an opportunity for all of us to consider how we are going to do something to make things better.”

We hope that we can help you support your own mental health and build resilience. We also want to empower you as employees and employers to talk about stress and focus on workplace wellbeing because…

“New data suggests that for almost 70% of people, their manager has more impact on their mental health than their therapist or their doctor—and it’s equal to the impact of their partner.” Forbes

It has also recently been reported that “People taking sick days because of work-related stress or burnout is costing the UK economy £28bn a year” Independent

We are inviting employers during Stress Awareness Month to challenge attitudes and approaches to workplace wellbeing. Here at Manchester Mind we offer a range of training courses for managers and employees, which aim to eliminate stigma and improve understanding of mental health, enabling cultural change.

If you want to start a conversation with your manager (or you are a manager) Mind’s Workplace Wellness Plans are also a really useful resource to support your our wellbeing and your workplace wellbeing strategy.


How are you? No really, how are you?

Visit our online hub to access our self-care checklist, alongside lots of tips and resources to support your own wellbeing.

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