Good Mood Food - Closure announcement

Good Mood Food is now closed. Please see full statement below.

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Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic the Manchester Mind Board of Trustees have taken the decision to decommission Good Mood Food (GMF). This is a decision that has not been taken lightly and we are very sad about it. However, as for many, the pandemic has been devastating for our sales with no sign of a return to trading at any point in the near future. We know that GMF will not be the only service disappearing during this pandemic and that this is an exceptionally worrying time for all of us.

Manchester Mind has been incredibly proud of GMF since its establishment in 2005. It has provided volunteer opportunities to people struggling with mental health issues and some of those volunteers have gone on to be employed – three people with Manchester Mind! We have also been proud of the development of the catering we have delivered to many businesses in Manchester – the quality, variety and colour has generated many positive comments.

We have enjoyed working with our customers and their custom has enabled us to work so successfully with people with mental health problems. So we would like to thank everyone for their loyalty to us – it has been valued.

When GMF was unable to deliver buffets at the start of the lockdown period, our staff turned their hands and talents to developing ready meals – with a focus on quality and nutrition, to contribute to the City Council’s Emergency Food Provision and during the period the team have produced over 33,174 with more to come. We also contributed to provision of lunches to vulnerable young people and are continuing to work with organisations throughout the pandemic. We were able to do this with short-term support from the National Lottery Fund.

As for the future? It is difficult for everyone at the moment to plan or predict, but we are determined that we have a part to play in alleviating the impact of food poverty which can have such a devastating impact on mental health and which is now more than ever being highlighted. So we will be looking for continued funding and support to enable us to re-purpose our existing skills and expertise.

Thank you again to all our customers during the last 15 years – we couldn’t have done it without you.

Our Good Mood Food team are currently working on the city-wide emergency response to COVID19. We are providing meals to those within our community most in need. Keep up to date with our work here.


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