About Children and Young People's Services

CYP has been designed with young people to help 13-25 year olds when they are struggling. Our phone number is 0161 769 5732.

About CYP

CYP has been designed with young people to help 13-25 year olds when they are struggling. All services are free.

We can help you if you are struggling with money, housing, confidence or even if you are feeling lonely or like you can’t cope.

Our services are designed around the things young people have told us cause them stress, or make recovery and coping with mental health problems harder.

This includes helping to solve practical problems, providing support to access work and training opportunities, volunteering opportunities to learn new skills, and having someone to talk to about how you can cope better.

We know that all of these services help improve mood and can help with recovery. Not every service is right for everyone and you can choose the service that seems like it would be best for you.

Due to our funding we are only able to help young people who live in Manchester or who are homeless in Manchester. If you are over 25 then there are plenty of other services within Manchester Mind that can help you. Alternatively, you can phone 0161 769 5732 if you are over 25.


We want all young people to feel welcome. We work with many community groups so we can benefit from each other’s expertise. This includes groups run for and by people who are:

  • Disabled
  • LGBTQ+
  • Refugees and Asylum Seekers
  • Survivors of sexual exploitation

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On Monday 19 September, Manchester Mind will be observing the national day of mourning to mark the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

Our services and telephone lines will not be open on this date. We will be back on Tuesday 20 September with our phone lines open from 10:00am.

Urgent help and crisis support is available from these organisations.