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Community Engagement Team

Our new Community Engagement Team is here to support people being discharged from Community Mental Health Teams.

Being discharged from a Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) is a big change in a person’s life. The Community Engagement Team (CET) is available to work alongside people who require additional support, to ensure a successful discharge.

Who can refer?
We welcome referrals from CMHT colleagues who are leading a person’s discharge from a CMHT to Primary Care.

How can the CET help?

The CET engages people through 1:1 support, to actively participate in their discharge. This will help people to become more confident in accessing support and services within their local community, building self-management skills and independence, in addition to reducing loneliness and isolation. We will provide a safe space where people will feel accepted, understood and able to talk and contribute.

To make a referral:

Please call 0161 769 5732 or email [email protected]


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