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Our Emergency Food Response Volunteers

Emergency food response volunteers with fresh food

Much of the work we have carried out recently as part of our Emergency Food Response would not have been possible without the support of a team of eager and enthusiastic volunteers. We grateful to each and everyone one of them.

We have been gathering some feedback from them about what the experience of working with us has meant to them and wanted to share some of the comments here…

“With the increased demand for food donations the team would be having to work overtime every day just to meet the orders. By helping out it means the team isn’t as stretched. This is a positive benefit as you can directly see the impact of your work… It has improved my mental health because it has given me more purpose. The act of helping people out improves your mental health.”
Billy, volunteered while furloughed from his job as a chef

“This is for my own wellbeing, and I need to feel like I am doing something to help others in this crisis. People should help people and I have the time to do that, helping others is important to me. I have had a few down days during this time and because I have somewhere to be, it helps start the day and get moving.”
Caroline, furloughed Procurement Manager working with Jules on Maverick Stars Trust food for young people

“…although I am in unfavourable situation, I can help other people more vulnerable. I have learnt that I do not need push too hard to do good job and I can enjoy helping to others.”
Daniel, volunteered while furloughed from his job as a waiter

“I’ve been able to make a direct and tangible difference for those who may be less fortunate than myself. Volunteering essentially takes you out of your normal day-to-day, gets you to do new and varied things to help, and puts you in touch with others who feel the need to help. I think this provides grounding because it helps you realise how fortunate you are in relation to others and how easily you could be in a worse position. For me, volunteering does as much good for the volunteer as it does for those the volunteer is looking to help. There’s definitely a rewarding feeling from helping others.”
Louie, volunteered while furloughed from his job as a Business Development Executive

“I have learnt that everyone who chooses to volunteer has various personal motivations to do so but at the end of the day, you can meet like-minded people to share your experience with and increase your social network through volunteering.”
Nazia, volunteered while furloughed from her job as a Customer Service Assistant

“The sense of worth I got from volunteering was amazing. It felt so good knowing that I was giving a few hours to help vulnerable families and children to be able to get lunch and a hot dinner. It made me appreciate all that Manchester Mind do and made me feel happy when I thought about the families receiving the support.”
Sarah, volunteered while furloughed from her job at a riding school

“I really enjoy batching up and labelling meals! It’s really quite therapeutic. I like to imagine people opening them and really enjoying the delicious food inside.”
Tamsin, volunteered while furloughed from her job as an Events Officer


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