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Mindful March: Day 9 and 10

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Day 9

A minute of mindful breathing
Give this mini meditation a try today.

How to do it
Set a timer for a minute. See if you can watch your breath for a whole minute. No need to change your breath for this one. You mind might get distracted with thoughts, but see if you can let them go and come back to watching your breath as it comes in and out of the body.

If you prefer you can try this with some guidance

● How did you find this meditation?
● Did a minute feel very short or very long?
● Was your mind busy or quiet?

Remember, that it is not a problem if the mind was busy – you didn’t do anything wrong. The breath meditation is an opportunity to bring the attention back to the breathing when you notice it’s wandered. It’s a kind of training for the brain.

Day 10

Put the phone away
This is a very simple one. Next time you are meeting up with a friend or relative, make a commitment to put the phone away and give them your undivided attention.

How did you find this task? In today’s society, we’re often almost surgically attached to our phones.

● What was it like to put yours away?
● Did you notice yourself reaching for it?
● Did you notice any other physical sensations when this happened? Where?
● What was it like not to give into those cravings?

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