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Mindful March: Day 6 to 8

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Day 6

Take a breather
We can often throw ourselves into our daily activities without even thinking about how we are feeling or what’s going on in our bodies. Instead of doing that today, we’re inviting you to take a breather.

How to do it
Before your open your emails (or do your first main task of the day), take five slow breaths. Use the time to notice how the body feels as you slow and gently deepen your breaths. There’s nothing so important that it can’t wait for you to have a brief breather. If you’d like some guidance, you could follow this short, guided belly breathing practice.

● What was it like to spend a few moments on your breath?
● What did you notice?
● Was your breath short and shallow, or long and deep?
● Did it change in any way as you slowed the breath down?
● Did it impact on your body in any way?
● How could you include this into your day?
● When would be a nice time for you to add in this breather?

Day 7

Practice gratitude
By the time we get to the end of the day, sometimes we are so exhausted we fall into bed without taking stock of the good or nice things that happened to us during the day. There’s lots of research that says that practising gratitude can be a positive way to end the day, and can be helpful in balancing out the mind’s natural tendencies towards negativity.

How to do it
At the end of today, spend a few moments recalling what happened throughout the day and what you’re grateful for or happy about. You can write them down in a list if you like. Notice how it feels in the body to dwell a little in positivity.

● How easy did you find this task?
● Did it change how you viewed your day in any way?

Day 8

Bring some active listening into your next conversation
Sometimes when we’re talking with people, our minds can drift off, or we can be focusing more on what we want to say next instead of really listening to people. Today, we’re going to invite you to try bringing some active listening into one of your conversations.

How to do it
Instead of thinking about the next thing you’re going to say, or letting your mind wander off, see what happens when you bring some curiosity to the conversation – and really listen! Pay attention to what this person is saying, notice not just the words they are using, but their body language too.

● What was it like to listen more actively?
● Did you find it easy or hard?
● How did you show that you were listening more actively?
● What did it feel like to listen in this way?
● What did you notice

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