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Mindful March: Day 30 and 31

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Day 30

Body check in
We’ve done the body scan meditation already, but you don’t always need a full twenty minutes to check in with the body. Here’s a short check-in meditation to try out.

How to do it
Spend a few moments today checking in with the body and how it feels. Start with the face and neck, and work your way down through the body, noticing your posture, any sensations that are present – temperature of different body parts, the feel of clothes against the skin, feel of the body against the chair, and the movement of the belly as you breathe.

You could also follow this brief mindful body scan meditation if you prefer.

For a five-minute body scan.

Day 31

Choose your favourite mindful moment from the month!
Today, the invitation is to pick your favourite mindful moment activity from the month and to have another go. Or perhaps, visit one of the ones you didn’t manage to do. It’s never too late to do any of the activities. There’s no rule saying you had to do them on that day.

● What’s changed for you this month?
● What was your favourite mindful activity? What was the easiest?
● What was the hardest?
● What did you learn?
● What will you take forward with you?
● What would you like to practice more of?

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