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Mindful March: Day 25 and 26

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Day 25

Change your posture
As we go through the day, particularly if we sit at a desk all day, our posture can really suffer. Today we’re going to invite you to tune into your body and its posture.

How to do it
Notice how you’re sitting. Notice the shape and feel of your body as you’re sat down. Notice what happens when you adjust your posture, straighten your back a little more, and let your sit-bones take the weight of the torso. Can you soften the shoulders and neck? What happens to your energy levels as you do this?

● How do you feel afterwards?
● Has it changed or shifted your mood or energy?
● What did you notice about your posture before and after the exercise?

Day 26

Be kind to yourself
Research is showing that being kind or compassionate to ourselves can be something that can really improve our sense of wellbeing.

How to do it
If you find yourself struggling today, instead of beating yourself up about it send yourself some good wishes instead. Put a hand on your heart and say the following phrases in the same tone of voice that you would use with a wounded animal or a young child: Something like: “this feels really hard! It’s okay that I’m struggling. Most people would struggle with this. What can I do to be kind to myself?” Notice what it’s like to talk to yourself with a kind and caring voice.

If you’d like some guidance, you could try this self-compassion break.

● What was it like to be extra kind on yourself and to accept your difficulties?
● Is this how you would normally react when something is hard or do you usually talk to yourself with a harsher tone of voice?
● What might it be like to adopt this attitude each time you face a challenge or difficulty?

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