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Mindful March: Day 11 and 12

Photo of blossom

Day 11

Walk a new route today
In our daily lives we often know our routes so well we could walk it with our eyes closed. In fact, sometimes we pay so little attention to our surroundings that we might as well have our eyes closed! Today, we’re going to invite you to change your route up, and take a different one instead.

How to do it
Wherever you have to go today, see if you can walk a different route to normal. Notice your surroundings, and what it’s like to step out and do something slightly differently. What sorts of sounds are around? What about smells? Can you slow your walk down and notice how it feels in the legs as you walk? What can you see around you? Even a short walk to the end of the road could be done differently – by alternating the side of the street that you walk on, or mixing it up, crossing the road at different points.

● What is it like to step out of automatic on your walk?
● Did you notice anything surprising, different or new?

Day 12

Smell the roses
Smell can be a real sensory pleasure, but we don’t always allow ourselves the time to really enjoy it. Today, we’re inviting you to spend a bit longer with a nice smell or aroma.

How to do it
Next time you notice a pleasant smell around you – whether it’s from food, flowers, or something else, spend a few extra moments noticing how the smell makes you feel, what it reminds you of, and whether there are any pleasant sensations in the body. Spend a few extra moments absorbing that experience.

● What difference did it make to spend those extra moments with the smell?
● What kind of thoughts did you notice?

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