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Making a donation in memory of a loved one can be a very meaningful way to remember them.

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About In Memory Donations

Donating or fundraising in memory is a special and meaningful way to celebrate the life of a loved one. We are always touched and grateful to receive these donations, and in honouring and remembering your loved one, you can help others at the same time. You can support Manchester Mind in memory of someone special in different ways:

Funeral collection or tribute event

Gathering donations at a funeral can make a real and lasting difference in memory of your loved one.  You may wish to ask for charity donations instead of flowers, or hold a collection at your tribute event. We can provide collection envelopes and boxes with advance notice.

Donations In Memory

We’re so grateful to everyone who chooses to remember someone special by donating to Manchester Mind. Every donation helps us to be there for others who need support. As you make your donation, please tell us the name of this special person and, if you want, why you are donating to our charity.

Your funeral director can also donate directly to us

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Please contact us on 0161 769 5732

If you would like to know more about bereavement Mind’s website has some supportive information which may be useful.

If you are experiencing mental health problems following the death of a loved one help is available. Visit our Urgent Help page for a list of organisations to find the right help for you. For those who have lost someone to suicide, charity SOBS can provide support and guidance.

” For my brother who died and the many others who are suffering today. I’m supporting Manchester Mind because they enable people in the community to feel important again.”


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