Mindfulness and Relaxation for Menopause Introduction Workshop (2 hours)

Menopause awareness has exploded over the past twelve months, and the emotional impacts of this life transition are starting to be talked about more than ever before. While for many years, menopause was perceived as simply a physical experience, with hot flushes being the stereotypical symptom, we are now becoming more aware how much it can affect women’s mental health.

Many women report a deterioration in their mental health, including a loss of confidence, and an increase in anxiety levels. This workshop will outline some of the signs and symptoms of peri-menopause, and menopause, give you a greater understanding of the importance of managing stress at this time of life, and give you a chance to experience some tools proven to help women manage this transition, and improve mental wellbeing.

Whether you want to calm the anxiety, develop a different relationship with your physical symptoms or just be in a group of other women who ‘get it’, this workshop is for you. Come prepared to participate.

*This workshop will NOT cover pros and cons of HRT, alternative remedies, or dietary changes. Instead it focuses on improving mental wellbeing and better managing stress. These tools are a great compliment to whatever physical intervention (or none) that you choose.

Cost:  £350 + VAT, for up to 20 participants

If you have any questions please email ruth.rosselson@manchestermind.org

Please contact us if you would like us to run this workshop for your organisation/business.