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Day of Action: Manchester Cuts Campaign – Wednesday 16 December

Cuts will tear us apart

We are joining Macc’s Day of Action on Wednesday 16 December as part of their cuts campaign. The aim of the day of action is to demonstrate to influencers and decision-makers what would be lost without the VCSE sector.

If we closed our doors just for one day, what vital work would be missed, who would go unsupported and at what cost to the city of Manchester?

The information below will give you an insight into the incredible impact we are able to make in just one day and what these cuts could mean for Manchester Mind.

Food For All

“On an average day we deliver 52 meals to Justlife, 26 meals to De Paul Burnage, 20 meals to De Paul Safe stop and 75 to Oldham Boxing Club.”

  • Breakfast Project – We would not be able to deliver to between 20 and 37 people who are homeless with a warm breakfast, fresh clothes, a friendly ear and signposting should they need it.
  • Emergency Food Project – We would not be able to support approx. seven individuals daily and deliver approx. 488 meals per week to other organisations. Over the last 10 months this is over 30,000 meals.
  • Allotment Project – 12 volunteers would be unable to take part. For some, this is one of their only opportunities to get out and meet people. We would also fail to harvest food for the emergency meal project.

Peer Support

“I am really enjoying these Zoom meetings and meeting different people online as I need to build up my confidence again as before it was really low… thanks again for letting me join these meetings.”

“Covid has forced us like many to pivot the service that we offer and to bring it into the virtual Zoom world. This was all new for facilitators and service users and presented many challenges. The Peer Support group is now in a really good place, and the service that we offer now in Covid times, is equally as strong as pre-Covid.”

  • Our Wednesday Peer Support Group would not go ahead which is attended by at least six participants and four volunteers every week.

Children and Young People’s Services

“I was struggling with my mental health for a long time. I felt like I was stuck in a bubble and couldn’t get out. From there (counselling) I was recommended to mentoring…It is really helpful, supportive and allowed me to have a friendly chat about everything and anything. I am learning that I can do things. I feel unstuck.”

  • On average we would not be able to provide at least five young people with counselling appointments. To date this year 130 young people have accessed our counselling service.


  • On an average day our Advice Team would deal with at least 11 clients via text or phone calls to support with a range of matters including Universal Credit applications, PIP forms, benefit claims to avoid homelessness and housing applications.
  • Sometimes this work results in income maximisation and housing retention, last year this amounted to £2million in financial gains for the people we helped

Case study 

Client seen following being sectioned after argument at her home with NHS visitor which resulted in police being called. Client on Universal Credit but caseworker identified that claim should be in limited capability for work related activity group: after a lot of pushing DWP accepted this without need for medical assessment resulting in extra £341.92 per month. Also got for client two grants helping with rent, essentials for their new property and a new phone.

Building a Healthy Future Course

“I found the course much more helpful than I expected. I feel I can help myself relax and deal with my health issues more now than ever before.”

  • The building a healthy future drop-in would not take place. A minimum of six people attend to refresh their learning and feel more supported. People benefit from this additional peer support in order to manage their long-term conditions.

Mums Matter

“It is good to hear that other Mums feel the same – I don’t feel that I am the only one or as alone.”

  • Six to eight Mums would not receive the course and the valuable connection with each other

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