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Community Engagement Team: Annual Review 2021 – 2022

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In October 2020, we had started to deliver a small service, which was focused on trialling additional support to people who were being discharged from Community Mental Health Teams. We knew from a piece of consultation carried out the previous year that some people were struggling with being left without help and therefore we built a service that focused on listening, and building trusting relationships – ensuring that we worked collaboratively to identify goals and connect people with services within their community.

By April 2021 the referrals were coming in with really positive feedback. We were finding that it really was the small stuff that makes a difference. Such as giving someone a lift……

“I supported someone called Harry. Harry lives with bad anxiety and depression, very low self-esteem and low-self- confidence. He really struggles to leave his flat but has a keen desire to ‘do something with his life.’ He had tried a couple of anxiety groups in the past but was worried about attending them on his own and feeling like he wouldn’t be understood. I told him about the Manchester Mind allotment and the groups they run there. I explained that they’re run by people who understand mental health and who operate a safe, non-judgemental space. Harry liked the idea of this but was ‘frightened’ of going on his own. I offered to take him there for the first session so he could ease himself into it and not worry about the journey. He was surprised that I’d be able to do this and was keen to take me up on the offer.

We attended together and Harry said he ‘felt immediately at home’ there. Harry told me ‘I would never have made it here without your help. I’m so glad I came, I’ve been feeling really low and this feels like there’s light at the end of the tunnel.’ I could tell that Harry was touched by what was, to me, a small action, but was to him a huge act of kindness which opened up his world again. He now arranges for a friend to drop him off and attends the group on his own. Recently, he reported that he “loved it there, what lovely people. So glad I went, I’ve not smiled like that for a long time, thanks for encouraging me.’

For Harry, this was a big step in helping to empower him, give him a greater sense of belonging and strength that he could achieve his goals. It demonstrated to our team the huge impact that one small act of kindness could have on someone.”

82 people during the year received this one-to-one support
331 people were supported in accessing physical health checks as part of an extension to our Community Engagement Team

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