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Signing In Sheet

Discover why this piece of paper signifies so much more than a list of names.

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My object is the signing in sheet from my group supervision at the Zion centre; it shows mine and my colleagues signatures over the previous months.

I work for Big Manchester based in Cheetham Hill and group supervision is one of the few opportunities I have to meet colleagues from other Manchester Mind services. Attending this definitely makes me feel more connected to the organisation.

During supervision we discuss issues of deep concern to us and that frequently impact on our own and other people’s mental health. Though the group is work related frequently issues have connections to other aspects of our lives and we openly and safely discuss these. From these discussions I’ve received support and guidance and gained insight from listening to my colleagues.

I often find myself looking at the signatures on the signing in sheet when I am talking about or listening to difficult things. The sheet and signatures signify commitment, trust, safety, unconditional positive regard and I feel reassured by looking at it. I value the relationships this supervision has enabled me to create, the support given from within the group, the overall guidance from our supervisor and also that I work for an organisation that prioritises opportunity for staff to reflect and take the time to discuss mental health.


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