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London Marathon Medal

How mental and physical health are connected.

London marathon medal

… on the day, things started well, but the heat quickly took its toll and at 11 miles, I collapsed.

As a child I learnt that mental and physical health were largely disconnected. Running the London Marathon, taught me how misplaced this message was… It’s fair to say, my marathon preparation didn’t go to plan. Then, on the day, things started well, but the heat quickly took its toll and at 11 miles, I collapsed. That was it, it was over – I wasn’t physically fit enough to finish. Fortunately, after 45 minutes being cared for by St John’s Ambulance, I not only recovered, but I found an immense amount of inner strength and determination to pick myself up and carry on. What changed? – I remembered why I had started (I was running for mental health), which changed my mindset. During the first 11 miles I focused purely on the end goal, trying to get there as quickly as possible. After my collapse, I kept the finish line in sight, but focused on enjoying the journey, every little step, irrelevant of how fast or slow. With a strong mind and a body to support, I made it to mile 26.2, with a life lesson in tow – mental and physical health are deeply connected and when challenges are faced, everyone should have someone to turn to for support. This is exactly why I applied to be a trustee at Manchester Mind; everyone deserves to be supported in their mental health needs and each and every one of us, has a part to play in that.


We know that the lifting of all existing restrictions with regard to COVID-19 will for many people be a relief and be welcome, but for others it will be causing great anxiety.

As an organisation we need to ensure that we are managing these changes carefully and have a service update detailing how we will be responding over the coming months.

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