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Hulme Sweet Hulme

Find out why this quilt created in 2008 carries a message that is still important today.


The project to produce this quilt came about through an initiative at Manchester Metropolitan University where Lynn Setterington (now Dr Setterington) worked in textiles and quiltmaking. Lynn’s theme was maps and for our group of people using HARP services and volunteering, this focused on Hulme – but in its widest sense, recognising that although people may live in Hulme now, they might have started off in all sorts of different places, not just in Britain but around the world. It recognises the diversity of our communities and the impact of belonging and being part of something. One of our values is about belonging – developing kind relationships that lead to feeling accepted, understood and able to contribute. Even back in 2008 this was recognisable in all areas of our work and visualised in this magnificent quilt.


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