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Commemorative Plaque

Fighting for a brighter tomorrow, not just for some but for everyone.

Commemorative Plaque

We create tomorrow by what we dream today…

Working for Assertive Outreach I became inspired by the engagement and support we were offering to a woman under our care. She had experienced great trauma in her life, which was little recognised by the psychiatrists involved at the time, something I have come to recognise is often the case in complex mental health care, within the medical model.

Trauma often prevented her from communicating her needs and her case was seen as ‘difficult’ as she failed to engage in medical treatment. She was often hopeless and could see no end to her pain but our team continued to work creatively, listened and advocated for her. The plaque is one of a number she gave to our team as gifts. As she sadly died, this plaque now hangs in memoriam.

With her passing, I felt that I realised the importance of what I do and why I do it. I look and remember how we fought for her brighter tomorrow. By striving for better treatment, hoping for recovery, asking people to listen and improve care we recognised her as a whole person. We were striving not only to support her, but to positively change mental health care in this country.

I am proud to work for Manchester Mind and hold on to hope for people when they can’t feel it themselves. I am hopeful for social change and I am hopeful I will remain at the forefront of it.


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