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Time to Talk Day 2019

Time to Talk Day in the Zion Cafe

Last week we hosted a special cake and create sessions here in the Zion Community Centre Cafe for Time to Talk Day 2019. 

We were joined by Demi, our volunteer artist, at the event and were overwhelmed by the attendance and participation.

We all know that conversations about mental health helps break down stereotypes and reduces stigma which can have a big impact on an individual’s recovery, but talking openly about mental health can also bring about social change.

Taking these themes as our starting point, at the event we considered campaign art and worked on simple pieces to put together as a banner celebrating open communication. We encouraged people to explore and express their feelings about the importance of talking and also consider what they would say to challenge stereotypes and raise awareness.

It really did inspire people to speak openly about their experience, mental health and people spoke of the importance of relaxed opportunities to enable them to do so. We collated everyone’s ideas to inform our plans for future events, so watch this space (and our social media channels) for further announcements.

Every person said they left the session feeling better, felt it had improved their wellbeing, felt supported in the sesssion, had learned something new about art and about mental health. We were pleased to hear that they all said that they would come again. Some of their comments can be read below.

‘Doodling really is mindful’

‘I felt nervous at first but now I’m relaxing’

‘Just looking at the pictures is fun’

‘It’s nice to all work on something together, I would come again’

‘Thanks for making me feel welcome and asking about how I’m feeling’

‘Was really nice to talk with like-minded people’

‘It’s been a lot easier to open up today’

The artwork banner will be going on display in the cafe this week and you can read more about the event (and see some of the doodles) on Demi, our volunteer artist’s, blog here.

Follow Demi on Twitter @BeinKamen and Instagram


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