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Stuart’s Story: One phone call improved my life.

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“The practical and emotional support has given me some hope that things could get better.”

I found out about Manchester Mind through a facilitator at the charity Change Grow Live at the beginning of November. I was looking for a way to handle my moods, my anxiety and depression. I wanted to be able to manage it properly so it is not a hindrance anymore. For 10-15 years I used alcohol as a crutch. I have been ten months clean and once sober, the world seemed like a frightening place. It was at this point I contacted Manchester Mind.

I phoned Manchester Mind and what happened next was overwhelmingly positive. I spoke regularly to someone over the phone for 30-45 minutes. I was struggling with motivation – house cleaning, bathing, cooking and eating. I had food delivered which was a massive help because you lump cooking into every other woe in the world. I was surprised, it tasted so nice! I was also referred to the Gaddum Centre and have a 1:1 support every Wednesday.

On Friday afternoon I now attend the Manchester Mind Peer Support group and they enabled me to get a Wi-Fi connection as well so I can attend the full length of the Zoom meetings. I can identify with the journey of peers, even though everyone’s journey is different.  I can see how others have achieved things despite difficulties, it is reassuring. I am learning from others. It’s helped me see that to do good for yourself you have to work at it, and if it feels like you are struggling then it helps to share the problem as people suggest things I would not think of myself.

I have also received help through Manchester Mind for Universal Credit support – it has been incredible.  The practical and emotional support has given me some hope that things could get better.

I would have found it impossible to do this by myself. I am a Luddite when it comes to using technology and searching on the internet – I have limited data, I was going round in circles.

It was easy to use Listening Ear and it made me feel better eventually. You feel lighter and clearer afterwards.

All this incredible support was available to me at the end of just one phone call, and I was not even aware of it. All I had to do was make that one call rather than suffer the pain. I am shocked at the amount of support I have been linked in to. I would encourage others to reach out for help.

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