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Rahyana’s Story: Why supporting new mums really matters

Mums Matter session

I’ve been a volunteer for Mums Matters since April 2023, and as a mum of 4 this is the kind of group I needed during the first year of my journey as a mum.

I’m glad to have taken part in the 8-week Mums Matter course and to have volunteered at the drop-ins on Tuesdays. It is not just a simple drop-in to have a drink and go back to your life, it’s more than that. Us mums have created such a bond together, it’s almost like a family. Mums and babies are there for each other, we share life experiences, tears, and show each other compassion and empathy.

The course and the drop-ins have been life saving for some mums, and as a result, massively beneficial for the babies. Happy mums make happy babies, as we all know.

Volunteering for Mums Matter has been an amazing journey. We feel like we’re making a real difference to these families. Helping them find their strength, giving them attention, listening to them, and bringing them joy and happiness.

Post-natal depression and baby blues can be really difficult, so volunteering is important to me as I’ve faced these issues in my own life. Mums Matter is the group that every mum needs to support them through their pregnancy and their journey into motherhood.

The group has a huge impact on so many mums, and I can see people improving after every session. I remember being that mum, improving every week, becoming more comfortable with myself and accepting who I was.

I see some mums worrying about going back to work after their maternity leave, and Mums Matters allows them to share that and talk about their worries with others who’ve been through the same thing. The group is vital for some mums and helps to give them the confidence they sometimes need.

As mums, we’re in need of compassion, warmth, and understanding. This is what Mums Matter offers, and I wish it every success as it has been such an amazing experience for me!

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