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Mindfulness for stress

Want to reduce your stress levels and improve your mood and wellbeing? Come on our next Mindfulness course and learn mindfulness and meditation techniques to boost your mental and emotional health. Next course dates to be announced.

Our next course dates to be announced

You can sign up to our waitlist and be informed of future courses later in 2024 here

Want to reduce your stress levels and improve your mood and wellbeing? Come on our next mindfulness course and learn mindfulness and meditation techniques to boost your mental and emotional health.

“The course has really helped me manage stress by becoming more aware of my feelings, sensations and needs. It is a wonderful course with both interesting and engaging information and practical application delivered in a really accessible way in a friendly and supportive environment”

Our 8-week Mindfulness for Stress course (2 hours a week) is led by Ruth, our qualified mindfulness practitioner. Having come to mindfulness meditation nearly 15 years ago to help her manage the chronic pain of inflammatory arthritis, Ruth is passionate about making mindfulness and mindful meditation accessible to anyone.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is simply about deliberately being aware of the present moment, without judgement. Unfortunately, this is something that doesn’t come naturally to most of us. Mindfulness meditation therefore is a formal practice, to train the brain to more easily be present and not get carried away with thoughts about the past or worries about the future. It is also a valuable time of self-care.

What will I get from the course?

Mindfulness and mindful meditation has been shown to help many people better manage stress and anxiety and improve mood. However, mindfulness isn’t just about helping us through life’s troughs and challenges, it’s also a really great tool to help us get the most out of the good times too. A regular mindfulness practice can help improve focus, increase our sense of wellbeing, and help us better connect with our family and friends.

“This is an amazing course. Ruth is fantastic at supporting people to understand and undertake mindfulness. I live a more aware and happier life because of this course.”

After attending our Mindfulness courses, people report a reduction in stress levels, better sleeping patterns, reduced anxiety, as well as improved mood and overall wellbeing.

“I now see meditation as an essential tool to look after my wellbeing”

Over six weeks, you will be taught a variety of meditations, all with the aim of helping you train your brain to be more present, strengthening your resilience and ability to manage difficulties and stresses. You’ll learn the foundational skills of mindfulness and meditation in a kind, gentle, friendly and supportive environment. You’ll be encouraged to establish a daily practice, and to integrate and apply the techniques into your life.

“mindfulness is a skill that has made such a huge difference in both my emotions and perspectives”

Sessions are one hours long, with a mix of theory and practice. You will also have access to pre-recorded meditations to help you establish your daily practice, and a set of handouts covering all the essentials. You will also be supported with your home practice with post-session emails.

Course costs

We are pleased to be able to offer this course for free – but we ask that you commit to attending the whole course, and to establish your own home meditation practice of around 20 minutes a day.

And about meditating on zoom in our drop-ins

“I was a bit unsure about meditating on Zoom at first because … I really love to feel the presence and energy of people around me when I meditate. However, I was amazed to notice in the first session how similar it felt to our sessions in person. There is something beautiful about making the time to come together with others and share that experience – even virtually –  in real time and to have the space for reflections.”

“I join the live zoom meditations to get a sense of connection. Meditating together, sharing that experience and hearing what other people feel really helps me to reflect on my own experience. Ruth also seems to ask the right questions to help me get a little deeper in to the experience. The weekly live meditation is a highlight of my week, really refreshes me.“

Try out some of Ruth’s short meditations which are free to access on Insight Timer

British Association of Mindfulness-based Approaches (BAMBA)


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