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About Training & Learning

Now more than ever mental health issues are affecting many people and that is why our team have worked hard to ensure we can continue to offer support through our online training courses.

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Mental health has never been more important and we are now able offer a range of online courses to suit the needs of individuals, organisations and those in the local community who need our support.

For 30 years we have been providing mental health services for the people of Manchester. Using our knowledge, skills and understanding of mental health and wellbeing we have developed and continue to evolve our training courses, striving to support better mental health for everyone.

At the beginning of 2020, Deloitte estimated that a sixth of UK workers were experiencing a mental health problem at any one time, costing UK businesses between £42-45 billion a year through lost days and reduced productivity.

In the midst of the worldwide health pandemic workplaces cannot ignore we are also dealing with a mental health pandemic. Yet even before the pandemic it had become increasingly apparent that mental health in the workplace is a very important but under informed topic; not everyone experiencing a mental health problem has access to the support they require and managers can lack the confidence to provide the support needed for their staff.

With many employees still working at home and others adjusting to returning to work but having to adapt to new ways of working, employee wellbeing has to be a key priority, with organisational wide ownership for the benefit of all. This is what our training seeks to do.

Manchester Mind has developed and is delivering training because we believe that:

  • Everyone deserves to be supported in their mental health needs and we all have a part to play
  • A better understanding of mental health, both personally and professionally, benefits everyone
  • Training has a vital role of increasing capacity and knowledge within all our communities so that we are all better able to understand and support our family, friends and colleagues
  • We understand the value of building this capacity through training. We have a highly skilled and experienced training team and we incorporate the voice of people with lived experience
  • Profit that we make from training is invested back into our charity to enable us to continue to provide and develop services for young people and adults at a time when these services are never more needed.

Some of our vital services are dependant on Manchester Mind generating our own income to pay for and deliver them. Recently our Listening Telephone Service has provided a lifeline for many people who have felt isolated and struggled with their mental health. People who come through to this service receive a call for up to an hour, for as many times as needed with an experienced member of staff.  Each call costs approximately £26.

Our courses include: Mental Health First Aid, Mental Health Awareness, Supporting Mental Health – A Manager’s Guide and our popular Mindfulness courses.

Our courses can be booked individually or for small groups from the same organisation on our open access dates. For larger organisations we can provide a recommended approach based on your objectives and requirements.

For local Manchester residents we also offer free community training with courses including skills for employment and mental health awareness training.


We know that the lifting of all existing restrictions with regard to COVID-19 will for many people be a relief and be welcome, but for others it will be causing great anxiety.

As an organisation we need to ensure that we are managing these changes carefully and have a service update detailing how we will be responding over the coming months.

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