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#NoMindLeftBehind: Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

No Mind Left Behind campaign

Manchester Mind is proud to be part of the Mind family, who are working alongside other local Minds and national Mind this Mental Health Awareness Week on their campaign #NoMindLeftBehind

Every year, 1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem. Many of us are speaking more openly about our experiences and seeking support. But there are still so many people urgently waiting, not getting the help they need.

Over 2 million people are waiting for NHS mental health services, and since 2017 the number of young people struggling with their mental health has nearly doubled. People tell us they feel overwhelmed and hopeless, that things will never change. They need support now and with your help we can build a better future for us all, where mental health is handled right.

That’s why for Mental Health Awareness Week 2024, Mind are launching #NoMindLeftBehind. 

Join the fight

On our own, we can’t reach everyone.

That’s why Mind are calling on all political parties in this election year to commit to making sure that everyone can access support when they need it. The next UK government needs to raise the standards of mental health hospitals and reform the outdated Mental Health Act to strengthen people’s rights while they’re in hospital. Mind want to see funding for a network of support hubs for young people across the country so that young people can get quality mental health care before they reach crisis point. Mind want to see a modernised sick pay system so we all have a financial safety net when we need it. And we know there’s a two-way link between poverty and mental health, so we want benefits assessments to work for everyone.

Get involved this Mental Health Awareness Week:

Share Mind’s campaign on social media throughout the week. And encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Donate today or take part in a fundraising event so Manchester Mind can continue to provide vital mental health services to those who need them.

With your support, we can build a future where no mind is left behind.


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