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MMU Rounders Society 2019 Fundraising Story

group of fundraisers dressed up in fancy dress

We wanted to choose a local charity where we could really have an impact!

For the past 12 months we have been lucky to work with the Manchester Metropolitan University’s Rounders Society, who managed to raise over £7000 for our charity. With big plans for the year ahead, we wanted to ask them why they chose to support Manchester Mind, and what kind of events we can all look forward to in the year to come…

This October we have our second Silent Disco at the MMU Student’s Union, and are hoping to stage another World Record Attempt for the most people in a game of rounders. We wanted to host this again to raise awareness of Manchester Mind and of the support options available outside of the University to new and returning students. The University provides some great services such as counselling and advice, but some students may feel they can’t talk to the University, or need different levels of support or out of hours services. It was important to us to help make people aware of the services that they could use if needed in Manchester.

We chose Manchester Mind as our charity because of all of the support options they provide to young people and those affected by mental health – the peer support, counselling, and information around other potentially lifesaving mental health services is amazing. We wanted to choose a local charity where we could really have an impact! This year we hope to raise over £10,000 and beat our current running total.

Written by Laura Adam – MMU Rounders Society.


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