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LGBT+ History Month: Sharon’s Story

Sharon CYP Manager

LGBT+ History Month is celebrated every February in the UK. It exists as a moment to reflect and remember the history of the people within LGBTQIA+ communities and look back at the progress made over the years. This LGBT+ History Month we invited staff to get involved and here is a story from Sharon.

Hey, my name is Sharon, I am the Children and Young People’s (CYP) Service Manager at Manchester Mind. At the weekends, I also work for the LGBT Foundation as a Village Angel Shift Lead. I was asked to speak about who inspires me within the LGBT+ community, I have to say it’s all the people I work with at the weekends.

So, what do the Village Angels do to make the volunteers inspiring?

“On Friday and Saturday evenings, the Village Angels act as a mobile tourist information bureau, offering directions and information to people who have come out to enjoy the LGBT+ space. The Angels will also respond to serious incidents. These range from helping people report crimes to responding to mental health crises and helping people who are alone and vulnerable get home safely. The Village Angels will often be the first people on the scene when serious medical incidents occur in the Village and will provide basic first aid and manage the incident until paramedics arrive.
Most importantly wanting everyone who visits Manchester’s Gay Village to have a good time and to get home safely.”

Now, if I tell you that the people who give up their time from 9pm–3.30am (sometimes longer if they a working on an incident) as volunteers, they give up their Friday and Saturday to help people in any way they can.

They won’t judge you and they most certainly won’t refuse to sit with you and sometimes they are the shoulder you will want to cry on! They are simply amazing, they come with all different life experiences and that’s what makes them unique after two years of working with them I am proud to say they are my friends.

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