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World Mental Health Day: If this speaks to you, speak to Mind

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1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem each year. But many of us don’t know where to reach out for support. Or how to share what we’re going through.

Sometimes, finding the words to say how we feel is tough. You can feel like you’re talking another language – no one else understands. But we do.

Although we are an independent charity, Manchester Mind is proud to be part of the Mind family, who alongside other local Minds and national Mind, are all working together to fight for mental health. 

This World Mental Health Day through spoken word, Mind are showing the different ways people talk about their experiences. People have shared their mental health stories. And expressed their thoughts, words and feelings.

They want these stories to change the way we think and speak about mental health problems. To encourage you to reach out for support, whatever your experience of mental health. We all need support on our mental health journey. You can help make that possible by spreading the message.

Share these stories. Be the reason someone reaches out for support.

Download Mind’s Mental Health Awareness Week materials and let your friends and family know: “If this speaks to you, speak to Mind.”

Share using #SpeakToUs


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