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Giles’ Story: A Hidden Gem in Suburbia

Mental Health Awareness Week may be over but we had so many great stories and pictures from staff that we wanted to keep sharing them here and on our social media channels. 

My favourite outdoor spaces that have helped my mental health throughout the last year or so has been my garden, but, apart from that, my favourite outdoor space is Highfield Country Park in Levenshulme (free entry). It used to be wasteland, but now it has become a wonderful chunk of countryside in the middle of the suburbs. Woods, open spaces, and winding paths, and seems much bigger inside than you would expect!

My top gardening tip is- put a brightly coloured bit of tape, or blotch of bright paint, on your small garden tools or you will forever be putting them down and not finding them again!

For most houseplants and other indoor plants like herbs, overwatering is as bad for them as underwatering. If the soil feels dry when you poke it, or you lift up the pot and it feels light, or the plant’s leaves are drooping, give it a good soak, but otherwise leave the plant alone (but if the plant’s leaves are drooping and the soil is wet you’ve probably overwatered it!)

Giles, Advice Manager


We know that the lifting of all existing restrictions with regard to COVID-19 will for many people be a relief and be welcome, but for others it will be causing great anxiety.

As an organisation we need to ensure that we are managing these changes carefully and have a service update detailing how we will be responding over the coming months.

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