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Values work recognised by Mind Network Excellence Award

Late last year we were delighted to find out we had been shortlisted in the Mind Network Excellence Awards in the category for Leadership and Governance, for our work on values-based recruitment. Then in November we found out that we had won!

These awards are open to all local Minds who have been reviewed for the Mind Quality Mark. These awards are for those areas of work where a local Mind has been seen to go above and beyond expectations to a standard that judges have deemed to be excellent.

Our nomination was for our work on values-based recruitment.

We have been looking at all aspects of our work to ensure that values are considered in every aspect of what we do. To such ends we wanted to embed our values more fully into our recruitment.

Working with Values Consultant, Jackie Le Fevre, we reviewed many aspects of the process including adverts, job descriptions and person specifications.

One of the biggest changes was giving advance notice of the interview questions to reduce stress. This has made a difference to the quality of what people bring to interview.

Those who have a sense of connection to the organisation’s values are now more clearly identifiable at interview.


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