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Wellbeing Workshops for Organisations

It can sometimes be challenging to look after ourselves; sometimes we just don’t know where to start, or perhaps we need some fresh ideas and a bit of accountability. Manchester Mind has developed a selection of wellbeing workshops to encourage self-care and promote positive wellbeing in the workplace, and in your personal life.

These sessions are a great addition to mental health awareness, line manager training and mental health first aid.

They are all designed to be 60-minutes in length but can be extended to provide more depth to the learning and more time for interaction. All sessions are practical and experiential.

Wellbeing Workshops

Workshop Name Description
5 Ways to Wellbeing
Experience effective ways to work the 5 Ways to Wellbeing into your day to day life – Connect, Be Active, Keep Learning, Give & Take Notice
Building Better Sleep Habits
Address your sleeping habits and why its important for your wellbeing, including learning a pre-bedtime muscle relaxation if there’s time at the end
Managing Work-Related Stress
Gain an understanding of work-related stress, work-life balance and burnout, before exploring actions you can take inside and outside of the workplace to manage work-related stress.
Introduction to Mindfulness
Understand what mindfulness is, experience some breathing techniques and meditations, and how mindfulness as a tool can be learnt – For beginners
Mindful Eating (face to face)
Food is one of the pleasures of life, but quite often we eat mindlessly, eating while watching tv or looking at social media and not even noticing what we’re eating or how it’s tasting. In this interactive session, we’ll talk about the importance of being in a relaxed state when we eat, do a couple of mindful eating/drinking meditations, and give you an opportunity to reflect on how eating more mindfully might impact on you and your food choices.
Activating Happiness
Explore what lifts your mood – music, play, laughter? Understand the link between laughter and positive wellbeing and experience an uplifting session.
Mental Health Taster
A basic session designed to get people talking about mental health, symptoms of anxiety and depression, and the importance of having conversations with meaningful connection.
Supporting Mental Health – Effective Conversations
We sometimes worry about starting a conversation or saying ‘the right thing’ if someone talks to us about their mental health; this workshop will build confidence on speaking about mental health with peers with an opportunity to look at a case study.
Anxiety and how to calm the nervous system
This workshop builds an understanding of what anxiety is and the response it has within the body. It then introduces some calming techniques and some ways to challenge anxious thoughts to manage feelings of anxiety.
S.A.D Seasonal Affective Disorder / Winter Wellbeing
Seasonal Affective Disorder is a type of depression that some people experience during particular seasons or times of year. However, many of us can feel a little lower during the winter. This workshop will outline the signs and symptoms of S.A.D., give you some tips and tools to keep you motivated throughout the darker months, to regulate your natural body clock, and to help ease those winter blues.
Block Bookings

Other sessions can be available – we have a range of expertise for mental health, wellbeing, and children and young people. Please let us know if there is a topic you’d be interested in that isn’t listed above as we’re keen to adapt our offer based on organisation needs.

How to Book


Online Face to face
Up to 50 participants £225.00 + VAT £300.00 + VAT
50-100 participants* £275.00 + VAT £350.00 + VAT
100-150 MAX participants* £325.00 + VAT £400.00 + VAT

90 minute workshop* (up to 20 participants): £325 + VAT online / £400 + VAT face to face.

*Not applicable for all training sessions – please enquire about this option before booking.

Our 1-hour workshops are designed to be interactive information sessions. The larger the group, the less discussion time. If you have 20 or fewer participants, we would recommend extending your session to 90 minutes to allow more discussion time and practical interaction to embed the learning.

Block Booking:  Book 6 sessions and receive a 10% discount, or book 12 sessions and receive a 15% discount. Sessions can be the same sessions repeated for different groups, or different sessions. Discounts can’t be used in conjunction with other discount codes.

To design your package, please contact the training team using the following enquiry form (include as many details as you can, or ask to arrange a call): Manchester Mind Training Enquiry | Manchester Mind

I have left the training session feeling positive with lots of great techniques to try!

We’re a local, independent charity and we’re here to support you.

Any profit we make from training is invested back into our charity to enable us to continue to provide and develop our services for young people and adults at a time when they are more needed than ever. Find out more about the work we do here.

For a range of free wellbeing resources, check out our Self-Care Hub.

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