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Mindfulness and Relaxation for Menopause taster

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Mindfulness and relaxation for menopause
FREE 90 minute workshop

  • Understand the link between stress and menopause symptoms, and how menopause can affect mental health
  • Learn what mindfulness is and how it and meditation can help
  • Experience different techniques to help anxiety, and calm the body and mind

Menopause isn’t just hot flushes and weight gain.  There’s a whole host of physiological and psychological symptoms, and not every woman’s experience will be the same.  For many, the physiological symptoms can be difficult to cope with, while others see a deterioration in their mental health with increased levels of anxiety, or a drop in mood or confidence. It doesn’t help that this time of life can often be accompanied by additional life stresses, such as caring for elderly parents, divorce or teenage children.

This session will give you a greater understanding of the importance of managing stress at this time of life, and give you a chance to experience some tools proven to help people manage this transition, and improve mental wellbeing. Whether you want to calm the anxiety and manage stress, or develop a different relationship with your physical symptoms, this workshop is for you. Come prepared to participate in the meditation and relaxation practices.

Open access sessions will run on zoom throughout 2023. The next one will take place on 6th June, 5.30 – 7pm. To register, follow this link:


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