Mental Health Taster Session

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This course can be delivered online using Zoom or Face to Face at your premises, and can be booked on a date and time to suit your organisation.

Length :    60 Minutes (+ time for Q&A)
Number of Learners :    Max 50
Online delivery price:    £200+VAT    Face to Face Delivery price: £250+VAT  for up to 50 participants

We can also facilitate regular sessions.

Profit that we make from training is invested back into our charity to enable us to continue to provide and develop services for young people and adults at a time when these services are never more needed.


Ideal for employers who wish to raise the issue of mental health in the workplace and provide employees with an introduction to supporting their own emotional wellbeing.

Learning Aims

» Dispel some common myths and stereotypes.
» Counter some of the stigma which surrounds talking about mental health issues.
» Help people to feel more comfortable talking about mental health issues.
» Encourage people to look after themselves and colleagues.
» Learn some basic self-management tips and techniques.

Course Content

» An overview of some common mental health issues including depression and anxiety.
» Common myths and stereotypes. Understanding that mental illness isn’t always obvious – in yourself or others.
» Spotting the signs of stress.
» What can you do if a colleague is struggling?
» What can you do for your own mental health?
» The 5 ways to Wellbeing.


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