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Elena’s Story: Communicating to change lives

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Volunteering with the Marketing and Communications Manager at Manchester Mind was a really valuable experience that helped inspire me and give me proper career direction. I learnt a lot about creating engaging content for social media and the website, and supporting campaigns that really make a difference, raising mental health awareness. Seeing the positive impact of our work on the community showed me the power of effective communication in furthering people’s understanding of mental health and encouraging them to seek help.

Not only this, but my time volunteering at Manchester Mind highlighted the critical importance of considering mental health in the workplace and working in an environment where you feel you’re making a difference. Manchester Mind’s supportive environment and commitment to employee wellbeing showed me how inclusive policies and open discussions about mental health can enhance productivity and overall wellbeing in the workplace and it’s something I’ll carry with me throughout my career.

Now, I’m working in communications for a company with fantastic values that champion employee wellbeing. My volunteering experience didn’t just give me an insight into my potential future career direction, but it also inspired me to prioritise mental health awareness in my future workplaces.


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