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Charli’s Story: “Mother the Mother” with Mums Matter

Mums Matter session

I came into post on 8 November 2022, new to working in Manchester. My first priority was to get a date to start delivering courses that coincided with the new term starting in January. At this point I hadn’t done my Mums Matter training, met any Mums I would be working with and wasn’t even sure what the course content was going to be, would it resonate with me and feel authentic?

Immediately following my training, I began delivery in the North of Manchester, where Carrie who did the role before me had made strong links. By April, Mums Matter came to Central and South for the first time. We recruited 2 volunteers, who were absolute heroes; brewing up, writing ideas on the flipchart and generously sharing from their own lived experiences as mothers. The course content was adaptable and, although the tools and techniques remained the same, the conversation and the ‘realness’ was brought and shaped by the wonderful mums who attended, so no two sessions were ever the same. I was relieved that most of the tools offered I was already utilising as part of my own wellness practice.

Following on from our Whalley Range course, which was very well attended, we decided to continue the group and run a weekly peer support drop in group for all Mums Matter Mums who had finished the course; we continue to meet every week. Over the summer I trialled an online delivery of Mums Matter, where Mums from every corner of the city joined us.

In September, recruitment began for courses in Moston and Longsight, we also had our first Mums Matter social to The National Football Museum, where we enjoyed a Baby Active session delivered by lovely Louise and some well-deserved cake in the café afterwards. We also recruited our third volunteer, who was a previous course attendee.

The course weaves together mindfulness and psychoeducational tools, alongside peer support. I often say to prospective course attendees that the tools they will get are good, but what’s really magic is the connections they will make with other Mums. Knowing you are not alone during such a transformative time of your life is so important. My aim is always ‘Mother the Mother’ and help the Mums to find their village, you are never wrong in feeling how you feel and you don’t have to do this alone.

It has been so rewarding to witness the impact Mums Matter has had. The best feedback has been when Mums have really been practicing the breathing exercises and what a difference they have made to their lives; it makes my yoga teacher’s heart very happy. Recently I saw written feedback in support of Mums Matter on a board at a local children’s centre “what is working well” with a personalised written testimony from an unknown Mum.

It has been lovely to reflect on my Mums Matter journey so far. There are lots of exciting projects in store for our second year; watch this space…

“ I used the ‘4/7/8’ breathing the other day when things were getting really fraught and it really turned my day around.” Mums Matter participant

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