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Cat’s Story: A safe space for new mums

Smiling photo of mum and baby

Charli and Rahyana have been absolute angels and that Mums Matter has meant so much to me and been such a lifeline, sometimes literally, at a time when I’ve felt the saddest, loneliest, most isolated and vulnerable and so very depressed to even take my baby to other groups. Mums Matter has provided me with a safe space to meet other mums who may be struggling and for us to bond together, it’s helped me heal with hints, tips and skills that had given me the confidence to get out and had been so inclusive, having bi-polar and being older I’ve never felt judged or left out, all ages, walks of life and experiences are welcome.

Charli has been an incredible, intelligent, fantastically kind and experienced leader of the group with a wealth of knowledge, resources and advice available to us all and always offering support phone calls and check-ins when needed. New ideas and suggestions are always welcomed and encouraged. Bonding with Charli, the amazing Rahyana and the other mums has given me hope that there is light at the end of what appeared to be a very long and dark tunnel. The whole experience has been so rewarding and life changing and the impact of this group has been immeasurable and to offer it to as many mums as possible would be vital to so many.

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