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Building A Healthy Future: A Poem

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One of our recent Building A Healthy Future course attendees has kindly given us permission to share their poem about how they found the course.


Building a healthy future is what they said to do,

I was feeling nervous until I met our group.

We started listening to you Ruth about learning how to change,

We did an exercise to learn each others names.


We learnt about coping strategies to help us feel less stressed,

That none of us were failing as long as we try our best.

You taught us how to breath, so we could centre our minds.

If we asked a question you didn’t know, the answer you would find.


You encouraged us to be positive, to find joy in every day.

It didn’t have to be a massive thing it was just a way,

To help us to see that life isn’t all bad though times are sometimes tough we should still be glad.


Because we can change our outlook, it’s us that has control

Our minds our powerful, if we’re determined to reach our goals.

We can be happy, if we choose that road to take.

Know that everyone is human that we all can make mistakes.


So Ruth I want to thank you for everything you’ve taught me,

You’ve made me realise that my mind can set me free.

So I’m going to stop living in the past, concentrate on now,

I’m going to have a healthy future, thanks for showing me how.

Our next course is running soon. Find out more here


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