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Allotment Project


“This Garden is our little sanctuary”

Healthy Soil – Healthy Food – Healthy Minds

Our allotment in Chorlton is a welcoming and inclusive space. Activities at the plot provide multiple mental and physical health benefits while our impressive allotment yield helps sustain the increasing demand for food related mental health projects. We believe in building community and our allotment project uses growing activities to reconnect people with food production, nature and one another.

Our purpose is to support mental health, boost nutrition and provide access to sustainably produced fruit and vegetable crops. With our allotment space, we have developed an ecological, environmentally friendly and enjoyable way to tackle food insecurity and inequality of access to green space with our community.

Spending time at our allotment provides positive short-term and long-term health outcomes and improves social connections. People say that after attending they feel an increased connection to nature, reduced isolation and loneliness, and boosted well-being and confidence. We all have fun and learn new skills.

“Honestly, I can’t express how important this space is to me”

The gardening sessions and volunteering at the plot is ideal for you if you need a bit of extra help recovering after a period of mental illness, crisis or difficulty, opportunities to boost your wellbeing and to get outside in the fresh air and if you want to meet new people

We have future plans to expand the space and include sensory areas, hedgehog houses, wildlife and a pond area.


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