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Alessia’s Story: Proudly supporting other young people

I began volunteering for the young people’s peer support groups at Manchester Mind because I have always felt passionate towards helping people in some way. As a university student, I understand that many people in this age bracket (18-24) are affected by mental health and that there isn’t always an outlet for people to be heard.

When I read about peer support it seemed like such an inspiring way for people to become part of a community that holds space for one another, without directing them or advising them to take any specific path. Peer support allows people to share how they feel, their experiences and how they may have dealt with them. It’s an environment without pressure that gives a sense of hope and also comfort at the same time.

I have not been part of the group for very long, but honestly, it means a lot to me. Everyone I have met has opened my eyes to something, all members are so talented in their own ways and have so much to give to the world. I find it so heartwarming to hear them compliment each other, validate each other, or sometimes just laugh together.

Volunteering here has made it clear for me that I want a future that allows me to feel how I do being part of this group. Of course it is difficult to hear that people struggle deeply, but at the same time, it’s so beautiful that we can be a part of a community that supports each other. The group may not be so big, but each session still feels really important in its own way. I am so thankful to those who are involved in the creation of this group because it shows there are people who care and want to see more positivity in the world!

Elsie our Peer Support Development Worker also said:

Alessia, started volunteering for Manchester Mind in December 2023 and is a valued volunteer. She volunteers for the Tuesday group and has brought so many ideas to the role, including introducing a short meditation to a session and she wants to organise creative workshops for group members and social trips. Alessia shows so much passion when she comes to volunteer and also acknowledges the strengths and attributes of group members, which is so nice to hear.

I get really valuable feedback from Alessia in regard to the groups and it has been lovely to watch her confidence grow as a group facilitator and the positive impact this has on our group members. I can’t wait to continue to work with Alessia and watch her role develop.

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