'A Different Light' - song lyrics

Chris Butler Co Founder of UK Art Collective We Are Willow has kindly agreed to share the song lyrics for 'A Different Light', which was premiered at HOME for World Mental Health Awareness Day last October...


Though we weren’t built for these times
Might as well give it a try
Hot air pushes us left and right
There’s worth in waiting a while

The rooms where we belong

You can go do what you like
Do your best to keep out of line
Because you can doesn’t mean you should
Reactions thicker than blood


If I could pick the thoughts from my mind
Decipher true meaning cast troubles aside
I would be clearer on what’s wrong and what’s right
Blurring the boundaries of yours and what’s mine and move


Question the motives lean to the light
When all else fails the sun still feels right
Those that are closest can still feel so far
Feeding off instinct I taste the alarm and move


In a different light the things that you are doing now
Won’t be cut and dry high tides they may just flood you out

When all is cast aside is this heart in the right place now?
Searching front and back what’s left will quietly drag you down


I don’t sleep that much
It steals my shine gives me more time to
Overthink the things I’ve done
Though you don’t care for words they still spill from you like swords
Cutting through the groove you move to

I don’t care that much
The biggest lie that keeps me tied to
All the things I need to prove
A time to realign knowing well how to provide
I choose to care for the bones that move you

If knowledge is power
Ignorance is bliss
In the know not feeling strong
It’s the bliss I miss

WE ARE WILLOW is a UK based multidisciplinary arts collective collaborating on commercial and self-initiated projects for national and international audiences. Through a passion for visuals and sound with over 20 years experience in the arts and creative industries, We Are Willow strive to create unique and challenging work which embraces the talents of their collaborators.

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