Mindful March

Join us throughout the month of March for Mindful March, supporting better mental and emotional health.

Join us throughout the month of March as we become Mindful for 31 days during our aptly named Mindful March.

This free to join, month-long challenge will involve one simple mindful activity per day to support better mental and emotional health.

Being mindful is just about paying attention on purpose – and without judgement. It’s a deliberate intention to be present. So, each day, we will be suggesting a simple mindful action that you can take. Most of these will not take much additional time – as many will be inviting you to experiment with being mindful in an activity you are likely to be doing anyway. After the activity, we will also pose a few questions to help you reflect.

There will also be a few mindful guided meditations – but even these will not take you too long. Mindful meditation is a type of meditation that invites you focus your mind on what is happening in the present moment.

The longest activity is 20 minutes, most will only take a few minutes out of your day but can enhance your feelings of wellbeing, connectedness to others, help you feel calmer and more present.

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