Meet the emergency food response team: Amy


Image credit: Dan Wiebe

Amy began as a volunteer for Manchester Mind during the pandemic and took over as Allotment Worker in November 2020. Amy is incredibly grateful to be able to keep working outside during Covid times.

Amy supports volunteers at the allotment to overcome mental health difficulties with horticultural therapy and gardening. The garden relies on the support of volunteers and the space has been incredibly important throughout the pandemic, as one of the few places volunteers are still allowed to attend. This year, our colourful crops are being used to add nutritional value to the meals our catering team are producing for the Emergency Food Response.

The allotment has become a valuable space for reflection and calm and has really helped our staff and volunteers to manage the crisis. As a recipient of the emergency meals in 2020, it is especially meaningful to Amy to be able to give back by growing food which contributes to this invaluable service.

Amy is planning a sensory garden to be installed at the end of our large plot. She is hoping for scented plants, edible plants, and a calm, grassy area for service users to sit and have time out. She is also planning some fun craft sessions, including strawflower drying, painting and driftwood decorations.

Amy, like most people, has encountered personal struggles throughout the crisis and is pleased she can continue working, as gardening supports her own wellbeing. Amy believes that spending time nurturing plants and experiencing the changing seasons is a calming way to experience the world. Amy’s favourite things about the allotment are working with volunteers, weeding and the visiting robins.

You can also find out more about our emergency food response here.


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