Our Community Growing Pledge


Support Manchester to fight food poverty and become one of the greenest, kindest cities in Europe by pledging to grow for charity.

We are encouraging local growers to work as a community and help people access the quality vegetables they deserve.

If you donate a patch in your allotment to grow the vegetables we need, you will improve food security in Manchester and support Manchester people to recover, build strength and thrive.

We will support you to improve your environment and soil if needed, and provide education in horticultural practices. We will also honour your involvement with other regular benefits. We will support Manchester residents by showing them how to use and enjoy the vegetables you grow, across all of our food services – improving their physical and mental health.

You can read more about the food services we offer people and where your produce will be used here

If you are interested in pledging grow space and would like to learn more please email Tara

Take action and make a positive change for our global future.


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