What the food response means to those we are helping

We have been receiving lots of feedback from the people we have been helping with our food response and have been so moved by their stories. 

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We have been receiving lots of feedback from the people we have been helping with our emergency food response and have been so moved by their stories.

Our Social Workers have kindly shared a number of lovely emails from those who we have been delivering food to and we wanted to share them to show how important this work really is.

“I would like to thank you for today’s tasty meal. A bag full of meals has been delivered today and suddenly I had a huge dilemma. What should I choose to eat first? I had to take few deep breaths to calm down…

I don’t know how to express my gratitude. For your mental health support and help with the nice meals too.

But the most of the all that I do not feel lonely. I had more visitors in this week than in last 3 months.”


“I received a package of meals and my favourite was there vegan Dhal and rice. Happy days. I ate it straight away when I found it in the bag. Everything with rice is yummy. Last week it was chilli beef with rice and when I was eating it I hoped I never finish it. It was so delicious. Also I notice new box a salad. Really looking forward to trying it. And now it is a huge dilemma. Salad or Dhal and rice?

I am very grateful for your help. Honestly it means a lot for me not just a nice meal. To feel that someone cares and is helping me is more than anything else.”


“I just want to say that this bag with meals is not just nice and tasty meal, fuel for my belly but it’s a touch of love to my heart to know that there are still people with kind hearts and even when my mood is so low and loneliness is my best friend the voice in the phone telling me : I will be at yours in 15 mins, makes my heart jump and I don’t feel lonely anymore.”

You can watch a video from Maverick Stars Trust about why their food hub is so vital. As well as supporting the local community we have also been contributing lunches to their hub to help families in Greater Manchester who are experiencing food poverty.


We are currently finding it difficult to cover our phone line – so if no one picks up please leave a message and someone will get back to you at the earliest possible opportunity. Or you could email us at info@manchestermind.org

For 24/7 services or crisis support please see our Urgent Help page