About YASP

YASP has been designed with young people to help 15-25 year olds when they are struggling. All services are free and include counselling, mentoring, befriending, advice, volunteering and an internet café with free internet access. Our phone number is 0161 221 3054.

We can help you if you are struggling with money, housing, confidence or even if you are feeling lonely or like you can’t cope. YASP is the part of Manchester Mind that is specifically for 15-25 year olds. Due to our funding we are only able to help young people who live in Manchester or who are homeless in Manchester. If you are over 25 then there are plenty of other services within Manchester Mind that can help you. All of these are listed under the 'How we help' part of this website. Alternatively, you can phone 0161 769 5732 if you are over 25.

It’s great because it doesn’t look like a mental health project as people use the building for different reasons.

Marcos' Story

When I first came to Britain I didn’t speak any English and I was very scared. A friend told me about YASP and that they would help me. When I came to YASP I had no money and was very worried about the future. Living independently was a big challenge. I had a Caseworker who helped me sort out money. I wanted to keep myself busy and so he started volunteering in the YASP café and I quickly made friends.

YASP helped me to stay positive and enabled me to fill my time. I have now learnt English and my contact with people at YASP has helped enormously with this. I managed to complete a course at the Science and Technology college and I plan to go to university in September. I have had no contact with my family in Angola and at first I was terribly homesick, and I still think a lot about things that happened to me in the past, but with the support and friendships at YASP I am now learning to live with this.

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